Red-eyes Search Results

After you've made the desired selection in the Getting Started dialog, RedEye Bot starts the search in the given location.

Photos with red-eyes detected immediately appear in the search results area and you can begin to work with them without interrupting the search running on the background.

FirmTools RedEye Bot search results


In the Search results list, click the result of your choice. The selected original and red-eye removed photos pair is displayed in the preview area.

Move the mouse pointer over an original or fixed photo preview to see an area of the photo zoomed to original size.

Preview the changes zoomed to original photo size

Search Results

Search results list contains two columns: original file pathname and "score" level. By selecting a single result you can preview the photos in the Preview area. Click the name of the column in the list to order the results by this parameter.

Results Operation

All operations performed are stored and can always be reverted back in the RedEye Bot Viewer application at any time later.

Search locations

You can manually manage the locations you'd like to be searched for photos with red-eyes:

After you have made an appropriate changes in the locations list, click the button (or press ENTER) to start the search. Click the button (or press ESC) to stop the current search in progress.

Search progress

The current progress, number of files processed/total and estimating time remaining is displayed in the status bar during the currently running search.

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