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FirmTools RedEye Bot 1

Automatic Red-Eye Removal

Remove red-eye automatically from a bunch of digital pictures! FirmTools RedEye Bot scans your entire collection of digital photos or any part of it, detecting and removing red-eye completely automatically. Like the original better? You always have the option to roll-back any image to its original state.

Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003 Server

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The Red-Eye Effect

The red-eye effect appears on film and digital photographs when you take a picture of a human face in the dark with a built-in flash. The flash works too fast for the pupil to close, causing the bright red reflection deep inside of an eye. People with red-eye appear on photographs to have unnatural, demonic eyes. Removing the red-eye effect greatly enhances the appearance of faces in pictures.

Red-eye removal example

Fully Automatic Red-Eye Reduction

It's no fun opening and editing each and every digital picture manually from the hundreds of images you've shot with a flash. There are various tools on the market that claim to reduce the red-eye effect, but the majority of these tools require that you open images one by one and select the areas that suffer from the red-eye effect.

FirmTools RedEyeBot removes the hassle of manual red-eye reduction once and forever! Processing hundreds of photographs is just a matter of minutes thanks to the ability of FirmTools RedEyeBot to detect human faces and red eyes.

Batch Mode

Process all of your images at once, specify folders or select a set of images for reducing the red-eye effect. FirmTools RedEyeBot will process your selection quickly and efficiently no matter how many images you select!

Full Backup

Every once in a while the original photograph makes you happier than the corrected one. Even though this does not frequently happen, FirmTools RedEyeBot backs up each processed image for easy one-click restoration. If you're not completely happy with the result, just click a button and return the original image!

Manual Mode

Occasionally you might want to work on a picture in an assisted-automatic or even a fully-manual mode. RedEyeBot provides you an easy way to remove the red-eye effect by defining the area that contains the red eyes. After you do this, it processes your selection and removes the red-eye within it automatically.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP (Recommended), Windows 2003 Server or Windows Vista;
  • Pentium or AMD CPU 1GHz (Recommended: 2GHz or greater);
  • 512 MB RAM (Recommended: 1GB or greater);
  • 10 MB hard drive space available.