RedEye Bot Viewer

RedEye Bot Viewer allows you to perform additional operations with a photo loaded:

RedEye Bot Viewer screenshot

Rotate Photo

  Rotate photo counter clockwise (you can also use CTRL+LEFT ARROW key shortcut)
  Rotate photo clockwise (you can also use CTRL+RIGHT ARROW key shortcut)

Zoom Operations

  Zoom in ( UP ARROW )
  Zoom out ( DOWN ARROW )
  Fit photo in the window ( ALT+SPACE )
  View photo in original size ( CTRL+SPACE  )

Detection Modes

  Automatic red-eye detection
This mode has more sensitivity than the one used during the batch mode ( ENTER )
  Semi-automatic mode
If the product fails to find a red-eye on the photo, you can set its location by dragging a rectangular area around the red-eye. RedEye Bot will focus on the selected area and try to find a red-eye in this area (using less sensitive mode, so false positives may occur)
  Manual mode
Select the rectangular area with a red-eye located right in the middle of it
  Pan mode
Hold the mouse button while moving the cursor to drag the photo (no red-eye detection)

Red-eye Fixes Operations

Red-eyes detected and fixed are marked by green rectangles on the photo preview. You can either accept or reject the proposed changes.

  Apply the proposed red-eye fixes to the photo
  Reject the proposed changes
  Undo recently detected and fixed red-eyes

Using Viewer to fix a single photo

You can open any photo you need in the RedEye Bot Viewer by other using File / Open... menu option or by using the context menu added to JPEG files: right click on the needed photo and select RedEyeBot Viewer option.

Your photo will be opened in the viewer and red-eye detection automatically performed. You will be able to view other photos located in the same folder by using (previous) and (next) buttons or using LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys.

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